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Hello and welcome to the Gilbert & Crick handmade, up-cycled and vintage blog. We will be featuring here our handmade and up-cycling projects, most of which will be available to purchase through our Etsy shop, and also showing you some of our more unusual vintage finds.

Today we’re going to kick off with this beauty – Discovered in a garage at a house clearance a Yost 4 typewriter.

Yost 4 typewriter 1890's

One of the joys of vintage hunting is doing the research to learn about the items we find. In this case it appears that this very old typewriter was manufactured in the early 1890’s and is one of the earliest examples of a ‘querty’ keyboard. It also features another innovation, which was that this model was developed with a central inked ball which the letters hit first to pick up the ink before transferring it to the paper which was rolled onto a standard platen. However, this was not a great success as it gave very uneven results and so this design was rapidly abandoned in favour of the more traditional scrolling inked ribbon.

Unfortunately in our example the ink ball is missing so this model is unlikely without some serious renovation to function again. However it is an interesting curiosity, is visually striking and has a great steampunk vibe so it is shortly going to be put up for sale on e-bay.

(if you are interested and want to bypass the hassle of e-bay, feel free to contact us directly if you would like to make an offer!)

Faux wood painted metal original cover Yost 4 typewriter - central ink ball instead of ink ribbon Yost 4 1890's (side view)

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